A Guide to Battery Point

Battery point is a preserved historical part of Hobert. Walking in this charming city will undoubtedly give an uncanny of stepping back in time. You’ll find sandstone buildings and streets that have the eccentric, wonky charm of a Victorian Dickensian yarn. They give the sense that the layout and architecture have been untouched for years and is palpable as you move through every landmark or building; each as curious and striking as the last.

Some of our favourite streets, with the prettiest houses, are South Street, McGregor Street, Kelly Street, Francis Street, Mona Street, Marine Terrace, Sloane Street, De Witt Street, Cromwell, and Napolean street.

In Battery point, there are also plenty of antique bookstores and shops that add to the feel of a trip. As the sun descends, the light quality softens the angles and lines of the buildings. The entire area takes in a surreal glow, which underlines its other-timely, otherworldly aura.

In this guide, we have compiled delighting things to see and do in this charming place that you can best discover on foot and also inform you more about applying for a visa via Australia-Visa.org.uk website. Continue reading!


Top attractions and things to do in Battery Point

Visit historical sites in Battery Point

Go for a historical walking tour and learn stories, which at one time filled this town. Here, we have highlighted some stops that might delight you.

In Cromwell street, you’ll find St. George Anglican Church designed by John Lee Archer back in 1833. This church is worth a visit to anyone who is fascinated by stunning architecture. It sits upon the highest point of Battery Point and looks extremely beautiful, especially when lit up during the night or evening.

Along the Hampden Road is Arthur Circus. which is a small park ringed around quirky and charming colonial cottages. Many of the cottages were built back in the ’50s and 1840s in the old Hobart’s earliest days and have been continuously restored since. Today, they are highly sought-after residents.

On Hampden Road also is Narryna Heritage Museum, which is the best place to delve deeper into this town’s history. The museum is a merchant house built in the 1830s, and it now houses a wide collection of old artifacts and colonial furniture displayed in their natural settings. When you step inside, you will definitely encounter what it would feel like to exist or live in the old Hobart town in colonial times.

In Kelly Street, there are lots of beautiful cottages as well as the historic Kelly’s steps built in 1839 when this prestigious suburb was on a cliff looking on to the wharves. These steps were then cut into the cliff, and they used the sandstone quarried to build the popular warehouse, which lines Salamanca. The steps are somewhat steep.

Dine at Battery point’s best restaurants

The restaurants and cafes in Battery Point have a tumble, rough, and homely feel. Here are some of the iconic eateries of Battery point.

In Trumpeter street, you’ll find the Shipwright’s Arm Hotel, which is known locally as Shippy’s. The hotel is a fantastic place for a delicious pub meal, and It’s an official place for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. During winter, there is always a nice roaring fire.

Along the main road on Hampden Road, there is Jackman & McRoss Bakery Café, a well-known bakery where you can get lovely snacks, breakfast, lunch, or any bread type you might fancy.

At Waterloo Crescent is Environs Café, which is a bright funky style café and a mix of classic Mediterranean and street art. Its an excellent place for a leisurely lunch or an alfresco breakfast. Environs Café prides itself on its wonderful range of healthy sides and dishes.

Based on a historical building in Salamanca place is Maldini Italian Café Restaurant. Maldini is a romantic and elegant mix of new and old. With incredible walls and chandeliers adorned with original modern artwork, which creates a cozy, relaxing dining place. It is an excellent place for lovers of culture and art, wine, and fine food.

Situated in Salamanca Square is Smolt. Wooden fittings, polished stone floors, plenty of space, friendly staff, and great music create a fantastic atmosphere for a relaxing meal. Smolt has a wonderful range of Spanish and Italian influenced menu, and the coffee is just amazing.

Wander through Hobart waterfront

Hobart’s capital city, Tasmania, is famous for its fresh, tasty seafood, and the perfect place to get such is on the docks. While there, you may spot the Mona Roma boat that departs from Brooke Street Pier to Mona, which is a daring Museum of New and Old Art. It is an attraction which needs some hours to enjoy.

In front of the constitution, dock bridge is a Fish Frenzy popular for its delicious plates of seafood, especially the mouthwatering fish burger. You will also pass by the Lady Nelson tall ship, which can be chartered.

Just nearby, you’ll see a massive sculpture of a seahorse to take you to Mures: an institution that has impressive and flavoursome ice-cream choice and freshest seafood. Simply put, nearby, there are quite many fish punts.

Straight across the road is the Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery that is also worth visiting if you would like to know more about fauna, flora, and Tasmania history. The Maritime Museum is also nearby, and it is dedicated to Hobart’s sea-faring history. Both the museums are an excellent way to find more about the maritime and colonial history of Tasmania, and Hobart – TMAG, in particular, is a fun place for children.

Head to Salamanca Market

Salamanca place houses a myriad of restaurants, cafes, theatres, shops, and art galleries. It is held every Saturday and is loved by locals and visitors. You can easily spend some of your morning or afternoon hours wandering among the shopping for gifts, stalls, fresh produce or clothing, meeting buddies for a coffee, listening to the buskers, and maybe popping into the galleries and shops alongside the stalls.

Also, you can explore the little alleys (behind the sandstone buildings) and duck into Salamanca Square for more pubs, restaurants, cafes, and shops. In Salamanca Square, you’ll find places to have a meal and a drink, including the Honey Badger Dessert café that is divine.


A Guide to Battery Point

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